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Positive Results Mediation was started by Monica Hernandez, CM.  She felt the need in the field of mediation for a professional mediator that provides their clients with modern and flexible strategies to come to an agreement. She is a highly trained professional and effective mediator certified to provide services in Texas, Arizona, and California.

Monica is a highly passionate mediator with a vast history of resolving disputes between families, businesses, and civilians. For Positive Results Mediation, communication is the most important factor when seeking a successful resolution. After personally experiencing what divorce looks like when communications break down, Monica decided to help other couples navigate the process in a way that emphasizes communication and thoughtful resolution.


Rather than going through a lengthy legal process, mediation helps individuals and businesses address their grievances and work to repair their relationship and to find a solution in which both parties feel heard.  Monica found that through mediation, both parties can leave feeling like they were part of the process instead of outside of it.

A long-time business owner and entrepreneur, Monica is also well versed in business-related issues that can benefit from the mediation process, such as contract negotiations, employee/employer relations, and business/customer disputes.

Monica believes in facilitating the most positive mediation experience possible. Each party is given ample time to think about their decisions and come to the table feeling good with the final settlement. With the ability to mediate in a teleconference setting, mediations can be done over a period of days, allowing the parties time to evaluate all options.



Monica is proud to call Texas home. A graduate of the University of Houston, Monica now lives in San Marcos, where she enjoys paddle boarding and snorkeling in the river.

As a member of the Texas Association of Mediators, Positive Results Mediation strives to provide a platform for parties in conflict to achieve a fair, thorough, cost-effective, and speedy resolution.

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